Welcome to SoZodiac.com

Welcome to SoZodiac.com

SoZodiac is excited to introduce you to our new website. Here you can order your personal hand signed limited edition artists print of your astrological sun sign. The complete series is still in development. Four signs are complete and we are taking pre-orders for prints on a first come, first served basis. The first to buy a print will get the 1/500 numbered print, the second, 2/500 and so on.

Taurus will be posted here in the next few days and we are excited to see it up and available. Next in sequence to be completed are Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Virgo, unless lots of orders come in for a particular Zodiac sign. Then, by democratic process, that sun sign which gets the most orders will  be completed in advance of the others.

Pre-orders are available and encouraged. Reserve your print to get the print number of your choice. The first print of a run is the most valuable. To order a specific numbered print, contact us directly.

Thank You for stopping by!

Live Adventurously,

Know Yourself,

The SoZodiac Team


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