SoZodiac.com is now taking orders for all of the sun signs!

[box]Five of the twelve zodiac series are shipping.[/box]

We are glad you have found us and look forward to providing you with the truly unique gift of art for yourself or loved one.  This series was created by Benjamin Higbee, who is developing the zodiac series after deep research on the precessional year and it’s relation to the zodiac and ancient cultures. Benjamin continues to see the Zodiac as a story, as a collection of rich mythologies that connect all of us to our most distant origins.

SoZodiac.com was conceived as a means to make available directly to you, the entire zodiac series in it’s high end form, exquisite artists prints on archival paper, each hand signed by the artist. These will be a single run of 500 prints at each size. After the series has sold out, the images will be applied to a variety of products and printed economically for a more general mass audience. For now, the posters available here are exclusive and there will never be another hand signed print run of the artists print edition.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

SoZodiac is based in Salt Lake City, Utah where the finest 12 color printing by DSPI, LLC takes place. SoZodiac.com fulfills all orders from our Utah base. We are excited to welcome this new year 2014 and wish you the very best in all your ventures. We are excited to be involved in your celebration of life, which we believe buying art is, and providing you the opportunity to own Art that means something to you personally. Enjoy your print!

You can see Benjamin’s Bas Relief Mixed Media on Panel fine art at benjaminhigbee.com and benhigbee.see.me.

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